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Last updated: May 30, 2023 21:40:52

Bottom bar

Table of contents

  1. Add buildings
  2. Add groups
  3. Specification information
    1. ToolSpecification
    2. ToolGroupSpecification

TimberApi has reworked the bottom bar to work alongside the Tool and ToolGroup. This gives mod creators and mod users more customization options.

The implementation will provide the following features for the bottom bar:
NOTE: This feature is NOT available for the map-editor

  • Customizable Tool/Group order
  • Customizable styling
  • Customizable title/description (for most in game buttons)
  • Customizable dev mode toggle
  • Customizable icon
  • Unlimited layered groups
  • Multiple first row sections
  • Hide existing Tools/Groups

Add buildings

  1. Add the scripts Prefab & PlaceableBlockObject to the building. img_2.png
  2. Fill in the Prefab Name, this will become the id of the specification.
  3. Fill in the Tool Order at which position the tool should be placed.
  4. Optionally, fill in Tool Group Id with the id of the ToolGroupSpecification.
  5. Optionally, enable Dev Mode Tool if it’s a tool for development.


  • TimberApi will increase the Tool Order with a x10 to create space for adding groups.
  • If you want to change the layout or other aspects check out Add custom tools. and edit your Tool without the .override addition.

Add groups

Add the following file as an ToolGroupSpecification eg. Other.ToolGroupSpecification.original.json

    "Id": "Other",
    "GroupId": "Optionally",
    "Order": "180",
    "NameLocKey": "ToolGroups.Other",
    "Icon": "Sprites/BottomBar/BuildingGroups/Other"


  • Remove the GroupId if you want to have it on the bottombar
  • For more detailed information checkout ToolGroups

Specification information


The BottomBarSection defines the area where the buttons are located on the first row.

  "ToolInformation": {
    "BottomBarSection": 1


  "GroupInformation": {
    "BottomBarSection": 1