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Last updated: May 30, 2023 21:40:52

Exporting Game Files

Table of contents

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Instruction:


  • Installed Unity Editor
  • Downloaded Assetripper from:
    Known working version:
  • Folder where it can Export files to.
    • Note it will replace/remove all files in the folder!
  • Separate Unity project for AssetRipper.
    • Installed Thunderkit in above Project Thunderkit installation
    • In UnityHub press … and add this command line “-disable-assembly-updater”


  1. Open Asset ripper
  2. Change Setting of Script Export format to DLL Export without Renaming.
    Asset Ripper
  3. Select Open File and Select Timberborn.exe
    Open File
  4. Select Export All and select the folder where to Export files.
    Export Files
  5. Open Exported files when export is done.
  6. go to /Timberborn/ExportedProject and Rename Asset folder to Timberborn.
  7. Open renamed folder and Select “Plugins” folder and delete it.
    • Can stop here if you just want to look at text files.
  8. Copy Renamed folder to Unity Projects Asset folder.

  9. Start Unity Editor.
    • it may crash or freeze with so many files to import then force close the editor.
  10. Open Thunderkit settings.
  11. Open tab ThunderKit Settings and press Import.
  12. Find model you want to check.