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Last updated: May 30, 2023 21:40:52


Table of contents

  1. ToolGroupSpecification Scheme
  2. How To Register a New ToolGroup

ToolGroups are used to group multiple Tools together.

ToolGroupSpecification Scheme

Property Default Required Description
Id - Yes Unique identifier
GroupId - No Group unique identifier
Type - Yes Defines what tool will be created, check out TimberApi ToolGroups to find the identifiers or check out the mod creator
Section BottomBar No Location indicator
Layout Green No Defines what button layout will be created
Order - Yes Position of ToolButton
Icon - Yes Asset path to sprite
NameLocKey - Yes Localization key
FallbackGroup false Yes Determines whether this group is the fallback group. This is provided by the game so should always be false
DevMode false No Required dev mode when true
Hidden false No Hides existing tool when true
GroupInformation - Sometimes Implementation defined data, check out the mod creator for this information


  "Id": "Other",
  "GroupId": "Paths",
  "Type": "PlaceableObjectTool",
  "Section": "BottomBar",
  "Order": "180",
  "NameLocKey": "ToolGroups.Other",
  "Icon": "Sprites/BottomBar/BuildingGroups/Other",
  "FallbackGroup": false,
  "DevMode": true,
  "Hidden": true,
  "GroupInformation": {
    "BottomBarSection": 1

How To Register a New ToolGroup

When creating a Tool the original method of Timberborn does not work! Follow the step to register your tool to TimberApi ToolSystem.

  1. Create a new ToolGroup class that extends ApiToolGroup
  2. Create a new ToolGroupFactory class that implements IToolGroupFactory
  3. Set a unique Id, this will be the Type identifier in the ToolGroupSpecification
  4. Return a new instance of your ToolGroup class
  5. MultiBind the ToolGroupFactory to IToolGroupFactory in a configurator


public class PlantingModeToolGroup : ApiToolGroup, IPlantingToolGroup
    public PlantingModeToolGroup(string id, string? groupId, int order, string section, string displayNameLocKey, bool devMode, Sprite icon)
        : base(id, groupId, order, section, displayNameLocKey, devMode, icon)
public class PlantingModeToolGroupFactory : IToolGroupFactory
    public string Id => "PlantingModeToolGroup";

    public IToolGroup Create(ToolGroupSpecification toolGroupSpecification)
        return new PlantingModeToolGroup(
public class PlantingModeToolGroupConfigurator : IConfigurator
    public void Configure(IContainerDefinition containerDefinition)