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Last updated: May 30, 2023 21:40:52

Custom Assets

TimberAPI gives the possibility to add custom assets to the game. To make assets of all mods sharable we are using unique prefixes to separate each mods assets.

Table of contents

  1. Register Custom Assets
  2. Using custom assets
    1. From specifications
    2. From code

Register Custom Assets

Assets are loaded from the assets folder at the mods root. The folder should contain an asset bundle, which contains all the assets the mod uses.

To register the assets, add an Assets element into your mod.json. Example below

"Assets": [
      "Prefix": "MyPrefix",
      "Scenes": [

This registers the assets with the given prefix. The assets are loaded in the given scenes. *SceneEntryPoints: InGame, MainMenu, MapEditor, All

Using custom assets

The assets can be used in the game from either specifications or straight from code.

From specifications

Some specifications have elements that use assets as their values. You can use your assets in those by using syntax <MyPrefix>/<MyBundleName>/<MyAssetName>

From code

TimberAPI provides the interface IAssetLoader to load everyone’s custom assets. Request this interface in any class you want.

The asset string builds as following

  • Prefix: the one you registered in the main file.
  • Subfolder: optional folders that are located within the asset folder(Or the default one you registered).
  • File name: file name without the extension.
  • Item name: name of the item inside the bundle.
// Foo.cs
public class Foo 
    private readonly IAssetLoader _assetLoader;
    public Foo(IAssetLoader assetLoader)
        _assetLoader = assetLoader;
    public void Bar()